The Green Wave

Instead of recycling old ideas, this year’s Green Team has made great strides in the direction of environmental consciousness here. Green Team president Worth Wilsey is leading the charge with significant changes to the once lackluster club.

It is safe to say that Green Team has not always been as serious of a club here at school. Senior Jack Travis said, “I remember last year’s Green Team was essentially just Nelson Govia and Joe Fox skipping L2 to pick up recycling every once in a while. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with those guys or what they were doing. It was just not that serious. Worth and his so called ‘green gang’ have started to take the club a little more seriously.”

Wilsey did not just join the club as another resumé booster. He said, “Over the past few years, I have become really interested in environmental sciences. I was always looking for ways I could give back in any way I could. At the beginning of this year, I saw Green Team as a golden opportunity to be a part of the recycling efforts at school.” Wilsey is considering pursuing a career in environmental sciences.

As president, Wilsey has been determined to make a respectable name for the club around school. He could achieve this feat only by implementing serious changes to the club itself. Wilsey said, “Most importantly, Green Team has become a lot more organized. Our new club sponsor Mr. Baker has been a great help these past few months. He provides great ideas for the club and helps keep us efficient. Thanks to him, we’re always doing what we need to be doing. We have introduced a new system of lunch monitors who scan the lunchroom every day for trash-criminals, and we have a new system for who will collect recycling each week. Also, we put plastic bottle bins in the cafeteria to reduce the amount of plastic waste at the school. There was no option to recycle at lunch before, so this was one of our first actions as the new Green Team.”

During the first Green Team meeting of the year, it was evident to Wilsey and the other members that serious changes needed to be made. Wilsey said, “We all saw that Green Team was not living up to its full potential. We are doing our school, our planet, and ourselves a disservice by producing unnecessary waste when we could easily be recycling. As Mr. Straessle says, leaving trash for others to pick up is the height of arrogance. There is no difference here. I’m happy with the strides the Green Team has made this year, and I truly believe there is more we can do before the year is over.”

Like any good leader, Wilsey is not just thinking about the present. He plans on leaving a lasting impact on Green Team and the way it is handled each year. He said, “We have a decent amount of junior members, and that is a great thing because next year’s Green Team will already understand how the club should be managed. Green Team is not all about recycling either. It is also about raising awareness for environmental problems and how we can help. I would like the juniors to make raising awareness a bigger point next year.”

The student body response to the new Green Team has been overwhelmingly positive. Senior member Josh Dean said, “From what I can tell, everyone loves the new Green Team. Guys fill the lunch room bottle receptacles to the brim every single day. Everyone smiles when Green Team pops into an L2 study hall to collect recycling. Sometimes people will even shout ‘Go Green Team!’ as we walk through the halls. This year’s group has been a great success.”

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