Stronger Together

Because of the pandemic, National Honors Society wasn’t able to hold many events for its members. However, they were able to volunteer at the Arkansas Food Bank.

Students strive to be part of National Honors Society. “It feels great to be part of NHS,” said junior Mac Principe. “I’ve worked hard throughout high school to keep good grades, and it’s nice to be a part of something that recognizes that. Hopefully, we will do more projects next year since volunteering at the Arkansas Food Bank was the only time we’ve done anything as a group this year.”

Junior Maxx Rathman also volunteered at the food bank. “We sorted food and some other products into different bins,” he said. “But we also had to check the expiration date on the food to make sure it was safe to eat. Additionally, we had a delivery from the post office in the middle of our shift that had its contents delivered wrong, so that was an interesting experience.”

Rathman enjoyed volunteering with his classmates. “They were really hard workers, which makes sense considering they’re in National Honors Society,” he said. “My classmates didn’t get in by slacking off. We worked well as a team although we’ve never all been in one place working together that wasn’t school.”

Principe also enjoyed his experience at the food bank. “The staff was friendly and helpful, and they gave us good instructions and information about what we were doing,” he said. “Another thing that made the experience better was working with my classmates. There was a lot of food that we had to organize and at first, I thought we wouldn’t be able to sort it all, but we worked hard and we even finished a few minutes early. Afterward, everyone seemed to have had a good time, and it felt good to help people in need.”

Principe said, “If we had all shown up in a bad mood and didn’t want to work, the experience would have been horrible, but everyone was enthusiastic and ready to work which made the experience fun.”

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