Lax to the Max

While lacrosse is not an Arkansas Activities Association-sanctioned sport, it is rapidly increasing in popularity. The lacrosse team has spiked in new players over the past two years with roughly half of last year’s team being freshmen.

To prepare for this season, the lacrosse team has not only started their training but has acquired two new coaches: John Scruggs and Brandon Barnes, both alumni of this school. This now brings the total number of assistant coaches to four.

“Right now we’re in offseason training which is weightlifting two days a week, and stick skills on Friday,” said lacrosse sponsor Mrs. Jennifer Wilcox. “I think we’re going to be incredible this year. Last year we had 25 freshmen and of those 25, I think 23 had never picked up a stick. Two games in, three of them were starting,” said Mrs. Wilcox. “What I love about our team is how quickly our guys pick up the game.” 

Sophomore Ben Harper is in his second year playing for the school. “I started playing because my brother played and he told me it was super fun,” he said. “I like the contact in the sport, being able to hit each other is fun. I also like how high pace it is and just the general competition between all the teams we play.”

Harper said, “In practice, I would definitely say the Apache drill is my favorite, which is where you have to run around the goal until the haul is thrown out and you have to try and score with your team from when you receive the ball.”

Attackman sophomore Joshua Tucker said, “To prepare for the new season, I have been practicing my shooting along with the regular training.” 

Harper said, “I played over the summer and kept improving and I’m ready; however, I’m injured right now so I have to keep practicing while I’m out on injury so that I will be back ready for the season.”

 “I would say that anyone who wants to play lacrosse should,” said Harper. “Anyone can play the sport. No matter the size or height, there will always be a place on the field that you can be really good at. If you want to play the sport, than it is a really good choice if you want to have a ton of fun.”

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