Sports and Schola


Schola is not usually associated with competitive varsity athletes. However, that stereotype is quickly changing into a more diverse group of vocalists. Recently, many athletes have joined and are urging others to do the same.

Senior Josh Dawson and senior Jackson O’Shea, two of our school’s premier athletes, have overcome the standard image of singing in public and joined Schola. The group’s numbers have risen significantly this past year, as many seniors have decided to prevail over the possible humiliation and sign up for the organization.

“I’ve always had a passion for singing, but for a while I was embarrassed to act upon that desire,” said O’Shea, “Mr. Spencer eventually talked me into joining Schola. Now, I’d probably say I’m one of the best in the squad.”

Dawson had a similar experience. He said, “A lot of the seniors have beautiful voices, and we saw that Schola was lacking members so we took charge, joined, and made Schola sound incredible again.”

Both boys have enjoyed singing since they were children. Dawson’s family influenced his interest in the arts, especially music. Dawson said, “My sister was in the choir and she can really sing, and so can my brother. I thought it would be cool to join the family in the singing business. I have always loved the High School Musical movies because they focus on music and basketball, which is what I focus on.” O’Shea has had a natural love for music. “I remember when I was little, my parents said I was singing before I was talking. They joked that I was hitting those high notes as soon as I came out of the womb,” said O’Shea.

Obviously, as leaders of their teams and our school, the boys have had to work to balance their busy schedules. Dawson has basketball practice almost everyday for a couple hours after school and then has to complete his homework load before school the next day. During school, he is on the Green Team, Schola, and other groups to make himself a more well-rounded individual.

Jackson O’Shea’s brother, sophomore Brooks O’Shea, has noticed the packed schedule of his older brother. Brooks said, “It’s a lot of work. For example, Jackson has football for about two hours a day, and then he comes home with a lot of homework and studying. Schola is really important to him, though, so he sings whenever he gets the chance. He sings on the way to school, on the way home from school, when he’s in the shower, sometimes even before bed. So he gets a lot of practice in, even if it isn’t for a specific time.”

Schola also feeds into the athletes’ competitive nature. Both boys give it everything they have, but each one wants to be better than the other. Dawson said, “I am basically the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of Schola, the greatest of all time. I would say I’m the king, but Jackson is the prince.” O’Shea did not agree with Dawson’s statements at all. He said, “I would compare myself to Lebron James on the Lakers, because I think I’m the best, and no one else is anywhere close to me, as far is pitch is concerned. Josh has it twisted, I am definitely the king and  he would be the prince.”

Both boys are showing talent and an incredible work ethic. In a surprise check where the individual schola member must sing a certain song in front to the others, Dawson and O’Shea surpassed all expectations. O’Shea said, “I excelled in that. I’m randomly checked all the time, and each time I show out.” Dawson said, “I surprised everyone and aced my check. They don’t doubt me anymore.”

However, the all of the boys in the current Schola can agree on one thing; Schola is at its best right now. As Dawson said, “It will never be the same. With us at the lead, Schola is definitely at its peak right now.”

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