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Turf beads fly in the air, whistles ring, and intense yelling sounds across the field. Cones and players move in unison, but not without the help of a voice. Although at times can be booming, a voice that brings clarity and calmness to the field. These actions are led by only one person, the coach. 

Mr. Chris Rose decided to help the school’s soccer program by becoming the J.V. coach. Using his experience as a football coach, Mr. Rose teaches lessons while learning new ones. 

One of the most adventurous things as an athlete is to try other sports whether it be coaching or playing. Along with other sports, Mr. Rose has plenty of experience with soccer. He said, “Growing up, I played soccer until I was fifteen. Then, I ended up not playing for the school, but I played basketball instead. My senior year I decided to play soccer again. I ended up being the goalie because I made a deal with the head coach not to run.”

Although his playing days were a thing of the past, Mr. Rose uses his new position to look back and try to gain back what he once knew. He said, “Obviously, I’ve been removed from it for a while, but I’m kinda getting back into the terminology and the way things are going with it. I’m trying to do my best to give some valuable input while trying to learn at the same time.”

Still coaching the freshman football team, Mr. Rose sees similarities between the two different sports. He said, “After the soccer season, I’ll go straight into the football off-season. We’ll be gearing up for summer workouts. I still help coach running backs and the freshman football team. I think I see similarities about knowing where to run. We always talk about the spaces to be in as a soccer player,  and that is a big part being a receiver in football. You have to have that sense of where to be and when to be there. Also, there is a sense of physicality when you go for the ball or demand it from other people.”

Players can sense what a coach knows and learns throughout their time with that coach. A new coach can help raise the mood during the season. Sophomore Jackson Barron said, “I like having a JV coach because we didn’t have one when I was a freshman. I like that Coach Rose has come in and filled in that spot. I feel like he has learned a lot, especially with positioning in soccer. It gives me more motivation to play for him because he’s trying to learn. He’s calm, collected, and settles everyone down when they are in a rush. He guides us through it and I’m glad he’s our coach.”

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