Britt Hall Helps Seniors Cross the Country

Time is something many take for granted. It is often said that the days are long, but the years are short. Sophomore Britt Hall spends his time making sure he enjoys every second, while helping those in their golden years live life to the fullest.

During the summer, Britt helps with his grandmother’s touring business, A Way We Go Tours. The business is run out of her home and is directed mostly towards senior citizens. The majority of the tours are by bus, which is where Britt’s role comes in to play. “I have gone to Canada, Washington D.C., Orlando, the Grand Canyon, and Houston. I help the passengers get on and off the bus, help them with their luggage, and pass out schedules and various items on the bus.”

Britt’s grandmother, Mrs. Betty Hall, said she started A Way We Go Tours about 20 years ago because she felt that the older people wanted to see the sites across the country. “Most travelers are from Arkansas around the North Little Rock, Conway, and Russellville area,” Mrs. Hall said. “A lot of them [tourists] have been with me for 20 years. It feels kind of like mission work.”

Mrs. Hall said that Britt has been going on these trips with her ever since he was about five years old. “When he was little, he talked on the microphone to give announcements. As he got older, he began to help more. He enjoyed it and was always very polite. It felt like he was on a bus full of grandparents.”

Britt is not just limited to helping on the bus. He has even led some tours. “I led a tour in Washington, D.C. once,” Britt said. “I had to explain some basic facts, but the most challenging part was keeping everyone together.”

The challenge has proved to be too much on occasion, as there was an incident when a tourist was lost. “My official counter makes sure everyone is on the bus before we leave,” Mrs. Hall said. “One time he said everyone was on the bus, but about 15 minutes down the road, we realized we were missing two tourists. So we had to turn back and pick them up on the side of the road. It is a scary feeling and it is hard to keep track of them when there are usually over 50 people.”

Although the sights are the highlights of the tour, Britt said he enjoys something more than just that. “I do enjoy traveling across the country and seeing historic landmarks, but I also enjoy being able to help the elderly see sights that they have never seen before and visiting with them on the bus.”

Mr. Louis Weber, a frequent tourist, had nothing but great things to say about Britt and the tour business. “I have completed 17 out-of-state tours with Betty Hall’s company over eight and a half years,” Mr. Weber said. “This year I am taking four trips to Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina, in one trip and also to Miami, San Antonio, and Philadelphia.”

As for Britt, Mr. Weber sees him as an assistant tour guide in a way. “Britt does a little bit of everything. When he helps, it lets him see what she [Mrs. Hall] does and makes it easier for her. He is very polite and everyone likes him.”

The multiple hours on the road from destination to destination allow Britt to reflect on his many tours. “I am very thankful to have the opportunity of a lifetime to travel all over North America and do good deeds along the way, which is something not every guy my age gets to do.”

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