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As the final bell of the school year approaches, excitement is building for one of the most anticipated events of the year: the release of the school’s yearbook. Packed with unforgettable moments, crazy antics, and heartwarming memories, the yearbook is the ultimate time capsule that captures the essence of the entire school year. 

Sophomore Griffin Paulson joined the yearbook this year. For Paulson, it has been an eventful year. “I’ve had a lot of fun being on being on the yearbook staff this year. I’ve got to meet a lot of really cool people that I wouldn’t have otherwise met.”

One of the most challenging things of joining the yearbook crew are the constant deadlines. Yearbook has four major deadlines throughout the year where they need to turn in numerous pages and meeting those deadlines can be very stressful. “Mrs. McGill definitely kept us working hard throughout the year to meet the deadlines. She would say, ‘The pages are on fire and you need to put them out,’” said Paulson. 

Students on the yearbook staff also have to be able to perform tasks in multiple different areas, such as photo-taking, design, and writing. Because of this, many students have to learn a lot. Paulson said, “I didn’t really know what a good photo was before being on yearbook. Now I can take much better pictures.”

With the year winding down, the yearbook staff looks forward to the day when students will get to see what they’ve spent countless hours creating. Paulson said, “I really hope that all of the students love the book as much as we do. It’s been fun to help make it and even more amazing to see it come together.”

This year has been filled with some many events and traditions that the staff had to work extra hard to create something that could accurately represent it. “It wasn’t easy, but we tried our best to encapsulate this school year,” said Paulson. “It’s been a fun-filled year to say the least.”

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