And Then There Were Four

Freshman Brody Ezzi joined the school this year, making him the fourth Ezzi currently in the school. He joins his brother, senior Beau Ezzi, who is in his final year at this school. With these brothers, it makes the Ezzi family the first to have three generations in the school at the same time.

Many know the Ezzi family for being involved with athletics. Athletic Director Tim Ezzi ’72 leads the pack, followed by head basketball Coach Todd Ezzi ’98.  His freshman son Brody is on the basketball and baseball teams. 

Mr. Tim Ezzi said, “I was lucky enough to have both my boys here at the same time and I got to teach both of them Now  I’ve had my son here with me for probably 15 years, and now we’ve had Beau [the oldest grandson] for four years and Brody is a ninth grader now. So you’ll see us walking around together and that’s pretty cool.”

Mr. Todd Ezzi said, “It’s been awesome to work with my dad; we’ve always had a really good working relationship. When I started, he was the head coach and I was the assistant. In 2013 he took over as the Athletic Director and I took over as the head basketball coach, so we don’t work together as much but we still get to interact. Every day is a special experience.”

Beau said, “I have only had my dad as a teacher once and it was for religion. It’s pretty normal; he didn’t grade any of my work differently or provide any assistance that would separate me from the other students in my class. He also took the liberty of calling me out for not paying attention as he would have done any other student.”

Beau said, “I think it’s fun seeing my brother grow up as a freshman and do all of the things I did as a freshman. Sometimes I even ask the teachers I had as a freshman what he is like in class,” He said. “I look forward to seeing Brody grow up and experience the traditions that I did. It’s funny seeing him do the alma mater and the victory cheer.”

It is only natural that Brody will be playing two sports, basketball and baseball. Brody said, “I hope to get to play varsity baseball and basketball,” He said, “I have thought about wanting to become student body president my senior year to try to leave my mark on the school.” 

Mr. Todd Ezzi said, “It’s cool to have my kids here. Since I have been a student of a teacher/coach here myself, I understand how it is to have your dad being a teacher and a coach at the school. It’s cool to have my kid in class and hopefully have a positive impact on all my students but especially my own sons.”

Mr. Tim Ezzi has been at this school for 39 years, and now Mr. Todd Ezzi is coming up on a landmark himself. He said, “This will be my 20th year here, almost since I graduated. I taught one year at St. Joseph High School in Pine Bluff, then I came here when I was 23.” 

Mr. Tim Ezzi said, “I love everything about the school. I wouldn’t have been here this long if I didn’t. You have the traditions and I go way back to the Father Tribou times. My two older brothers went before me, so I was around the school even as a young kid. When I got to this school it was already like home to me.” 

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