Volleyball Ventures

A hand strikes the volleyball and it travels over the net. The ball hovers, waiting for the next impact. The opposing teams go all out until the volleyball stops in an unknown location. The sound of the bell commences this epic skirmish and the competitors leave it for another day.

Every lunch, students engage in a volleyball game. Students rush outside and demolish their food so they have fuel for the game. The ball goes all over the place with no set location with teams set abnormally. The danger of the ball striking another person’s lunch adds to the excitement of the activity. The students take shape and serve the ball until the very last minute. The match serves as a way to have fun, to bond with others, and to keep traditions alive in the school.

Students and teachers alike appreciate the volleyball tradition. It doesn’t take a high skill level to join in. Spanish teacher Mrs. Kay Barre said, “At the second lunch, the underclassmen go outside, and I will play volleyball with them sometimes. I play with them because I want to show that you can do something even if you’re not good at it and still have a great time.”

The idea of volleyball games comes from the passion of former students. People feared that the game would be lost with the latter classes. Mrs. Barre said, “ I think it’s great to carry on that tradition. I was really worried last year that the games would not continue because the seniors that graduated were really into it. I had fond memories of watching those boys play volleyball; I wouldn’t play with them because they were very good.”

The games continue on despite fears that the batch of students would not carry on the volleyball games. Mrs. Barre said, “ I was really glad to see that the tradition is continuing. It’s a lot of fun and increases school spirit.”

During the year, students look for ways to pass the time when school is stagnant.  Junior John Tobin said, “I started playing volleyball freshman and sophomore year mostly out of boredom. I fell in love with the game and grew to appreciate the chaos. I’ve continued to play almost every single day.”

One of the main ideas of the school is brotherhood. Every activity in the school can include this intimate concept like the volleyball games through traditions. Tobin said, “I play it to carry on that tradition, and it’s the same guys playing, so we have all increased our skill together. Everyone has become friends because of the time we spend on the court together.There’s a bond with everyone that participates in volleyball which deepens our brotherhood.”

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