A Job Well Done

As the school year comes to an end, it’s important to acknowledge a few of the many people that kept it moving along. The 2022 Class Officers were pivotal in maintaining a healthy and exciting year at the school. 

Not only did the officers impact the year for the student body, but they also impacted their final year at the school in a huge way. President and senior Jed Straessle said, “I’ve played a big part in the senior year of so many other people. It has been a big responsibility, sometimes stressful and exhausting, but mostly rewarding and so much fun.”

Vice President and senior Ben Bauer felt that his leadership role primarily impacted his point of view of the school. “Being a class officer has definitely kept me busy this past year. It has also given me an appreciation for all faculty members who do so much for the school behind the scenes,” said Bauer. 

There were so many exciting events that the officers developed this year for the student body. From No Shave November to the Intramural Tournament, they were certainly busy. However, the event that they are proudest of was this year’s Homecoming in October. Straessle said, “I think the Western Homecoming was my favorite thing we pulled off. It was our first big test as Officers and we worked so hard for it, so when the dance was finished — I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.”

Now that this school year is rounding to a close, the 2022 officers are hanging up their hats for now and leaving the job ready for next year’s seniors. However, they cannot say goodbye without sharing what they learned this year with next year’s potential officers. “If you win the election, try to do the most for the school, but also have as much fun as possible,” said Bauer. On the other hand, Straessle emphasized the importance of decision-making. He said, “Don’t get bogged down by the people that don’t support your decisions — there are absolutely going to be those people, but it’s important to just keep your head up and stick to your decisions.”

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