Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

The highest bidders take home items at Ties That Bind 2023

BANG! A gavel slams down on a podium. The auctioneer announces, “Sold to the man at table 17!” The CHS auction had officially kicked off. 

The 2023 CHS auction took place on the night of November 4th in the Catholic High Gym, operated by Special Events Coordinator Mrs. Dawn Berry and Development Director Mrs. Anne Carter.

While Mrs. Berry and Mrs. Carter organized the event, student volunteers played a crucial role. “Coach Reeves and his PE and Fitness classes were a huge help in setting up for the event,” said Mrs. Berry. “They helped throughout the entire week of the auction, setting up tables and chairs for our 650 guests and auction items.” 

Sophomore William Smith said, “I helped bring tables from the old locker room downstairs to the gym, and then I helped set up the table and chairs in their designated spaces. I also helped fill coolers with Diet Coke, Sprite, Coca-Cola, and water bottles. My class spent about 3 1/2 hours total helping.”

In addition to strenuous physical labor, the CHS auction requires much strategy. “Soliciting volunteers and coming up with ideas starts about a year out. Once we set the committee of volunteers, the committee meets and works on the event for about ten months,” said Mrs. Berry.

This work proved fruitful, as the auction pulled in a significant profit. “We sold 428 packaged items, and the auction raised over $331,000,” said Mrs. Berry. Two items were particularly lucrative. A painting by artist Ms.Gay Ezzi of the Catholic High Chapel and a bundle of Dallas Cowboys tickets with Owner Club Passes both sold for $7,000 each.

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