Educational Expectations

With the final days of school looming over students and faculty, the gloom of exams rests on the shoulders of the student body. The only thing that keeps them going is the realization of summer just across the horizon. But while some might only think about getting their summer tans back, preparations for the next school year are already being made. With the post-Covid school year over, plans for the next are far from being complete. Throughout the course of the year, Principal Steve Straessle has prepared for the oncoming storm that is the 2022-2023 school year. And shows no sign of stopping. 

“Every year, we do an assessment highlighting the things we did well and the things we could do better,” said Mr. Straessle. “We are going to tweak our curriculum a little bit, and our teacher meetings will focus on addressing the unique situation that our students find themselves in. The changes will not be monumental, instead, they will be more like tweaks.” 

Such tweaks include the welcoming back of Mr. Chip Reeves, who left in 2020 to help with his family’s farm after a death in his family. “We’re moving some pieces around,” said Mr. Straessle. “And so [Mr. Reeves] is going to fill a void, but also augment our staff.”

Aside from the addition of teachers, the goals of the school year are still prevalent enough. “This year’s goal was resetting the scales to balance. After the tumultuous year, the previous year, this year was finding the balance again. The pendulum seemed to swing violently… our goal was to return balance and stability to the lives of our students and families. We learned and we adapted. Next year, I will unveil, so to speak, our theme for the year at the teacher’s meeting in August.” 

What may come to mind to many though concerning the next school year, is any addition or continuation of Covid protocols. As of May of 2022, the school plans to be Covid protocol free. Mr. Straessle said, “Will that change by August? We’ll just see.” And other teachers agree. Mr. David Massery said, “[I’m ready to] just be getting back to our normal school year without any of the Covid.”

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