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Life throws curveballs at us almost every day. These curveballs can be as small as burning one’s toast by accident in the morning or as big as the pandemic that the world is currently in. COVID-19 comes with many rules and restrictions including social distancing.  

Local and national government telling people to stay inside has forced people to be away from close friends. With routines shattered, people must get creative and create a new one. Humans thrive on normalcy and routine, and when that is taken away, there can be a backlash. However, in these trying times, focusing on the positive outcomes that come from social distancing is a healthy reminder of why it was put in place and what will benefit from it. 

Above: The view of the Himalayas from New Delhi (

Globally, the world is renewing in many different ways. Pollution rates have decreased exponentially which has created crazy outcomes. For example, according to an article done by Rob Picheta for CNN, for the first time since WWII, people in the city of Delhi are finally able to see the Himalayas due to a 44% decrease in pollution. The picture shown is from the article referenced.  

Above: Recordings of Los Angeles’ air quality (Environmental Protection Agency)

Another incredible outcome is social distancing’s effect on the city of Los Angeles, California. In the past, LA has been notorious for being a heavily polluted major city. However, according to an article written by Drew Kann for CNN, a test done on Tuesday, April 7 showed that LA had some of the cleanest air of any major city in the world. 

Moving more locally, students in Little Rock schools have been doing virtual school for a while now. I speak from experience when I say that long ZOOM calls and hours of school work have decreased my motivation and I’m sure it has for many other students.  Usually, I rely on my friends as motivation for the week. For example, having plans on Friday or Saturday night gives me the motivation to get through the school week. However, it’s different now and I can’t rely on that. So, it has led me to get creative for keeping motivation. I’ve started planning ahead my work by writing it down in the order that I’ll do it and making sure I know the due dates. Also, whenever I get stressed from my workload, I give myself ten minutes just to take a break and regather my thoughts. Especially now, It’s important for people to give themselves grace when it comes to virtual school. 

It is also important to realize the positive things that have occurred during social distancing and this pandemic. Families have been able to spend quality time with each other without having to track everyone down. I know that people are thinking, “At this point, my family is driving me crazy.” I know that feeling. Everyone does. But think about the families who have siblings spread out around the country and then being brought back to their hometown. Personally, I have been able to spend time with my oldest sister whom I haven’t see since Christmas and my other older sister that I haven’t seen since February. Without quarantine, the next time that my family would all be together again wouldn’t be for a very long time.  

Believe me, social distancing is not great. It really isn’t. But, as I said earlier, people have to remember the outcome. Social distancing is greater than us. We are social distancing for the health care workers, for the patients who are positive with COVID-19, for the older generation who have to rely on their children to get them the supplies they need, and for our close friends and family. Whether people can’t see it or not, social distancing is what the world needs during this pandemic. It might be difficult to see, but the positives are there and when all of this is over, people will be happy that they stayed inside and socially distanced.

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