The Race Continues

The seniors move on, the juniors take on a new mantle of leadership, the sophomores become role models, and the freshmen are no longer the newbies. 

The cycle of athletes is an earmark of high school athletics, and Catholic High track and cross country is no exception. As ten seniors leave the track and cross country teams, a new generation of runners prepares to take the Central conference by the reins.

Rising senior Elias Found has a shining running resume. He won the conference cross country championship and placed 10th in the state meet for the 3200-meter race. Good days are ahead for the team’s soon-to-be captain, but Found’s little brother, Asher Found, a current eighth-grader at Christ Lutheran, looks to continue the family’s tradition of running excellence. “I really look forward to running with my brother next year,” said the older Found. “We are a close family, so it will be a great time pushing each other.”

The Found boys’ mom was a collegiate runner for Kansas State, and their dad was a runner in the U.S. Army World-Class Athlete Program, coming within one place of claiming a spot on a U.S. Olympic team.

There are high hopes throughout the team too. Rising junior Jack Uekman looks to capitalize on a sophomore season full of different races. He has found his home in the 400-meter race in which he ran a 53-second race this year. Rising eighth-grader Zachary Greenway is Asher Found’s rival and long-distance counterpart. Greenway ran a 5:20 mile this past season and looks to train with the Founds to prepare for his freshman season.

Greenway is excited to start his high school career. He said, “I feel like I have started to outgrow junior high workouts and can’t wait to run with older guys at Catholic High.”

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