Chad Greenway

AP Season

It’s late at night and senior CJ Matthews has just completed the last of his Advanced Placement (AP) Physics homework. Matthews leans back in his chair. Out of the corner of his eye, he notices the clock tick over into the next day. His feeling of relief quickly evaporates as he realizes that the AP…

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Road to Success

Hayden Lipscomb poses after a successful hunt. Although living in Cabot has some disadvantages, the access to nature is a great amenity.    Sacrifice comes in many forms. It is making donations, helping a friend with an assignment, or even laying down one’s life for another. For many students, a Catholic High education is entirely…

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High Riders

As the dawn of a new day breaks, the rumbling sound of cold starts cuts through the air of Little Rock and certain high school teens begin their quest for parking spots to contain their monstrous rigs. If one were to gaze upon the dozens of vehicles that line the rows of the school’s parking…

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