Capital and Connections

This school, as well as any school, has many expenses, like teacher salaries and tuition assistance. Some students may not consider how much goes into paying for these expenses, which is the job of this school’s development department.
The development department of this school has one main goal. “We raise money for tuition assistance and teacher salaries,” said development director Mrs. Anne Carter.
The development department helps this school unite with its past students. “The development department coordinates all the alumni events and maintains contact with the alumni,” said Mr. Matt Coffield, president of the CHS Foundation board of directors. “Through their outreach to fellow alums, we are able to stay in contact with Catholic High alumni everywhere.”
Mrs.Carter and her division also contribute to many of the school’s events. “We do the alumni dinner in October, in which we ask for donations and sponsorships,” said Mrs. Carter, “[We organize] Giving Tuesday, a mailout, and an annual appeal to donors, like grandparents, alumni, or friends of Catholic High. We also do the Rocket 5K race, and we do a fun little March Madness competition amongst the alumni that’s sort of based off of the NCAA March Madness tournament. We have classes against classes and decades against decades, and so you give money, 10 dollars a time, to get your team farther and farther ahead.”
The department had one stand-out event this year featuring The Heather and Poolboy Show’s Adam “Poolboy” Dunaway. “The biggest thing I think came out this year is Giving Tuesday,” said Mrs.Carter. “It was the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We did videos where Jed Straessle and Poolboy switched places. Our goal was to raise $100,000, and that was a pretty ambitious goal for us. We’ve never done something like that in one day. We reached it and surpassed it, raising over $130,000.”
The development division accomplished many goals this year. “We’ve had a record-breaking year in fundraising,” said Mrs.Carter. “All of our events have reached their goal and surpassed it. The alumni have stepped up and parents have given. It’s been overall a great year.”

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