Faith and Fortitude

The future is a vast void of uncertainty. No one knows what lies ahead. However, one can prepare himself for what is to come.

Everyone knows that this school holds its students to high standards. Teachers push their students to challenge themselves and grow their relationship with God. This school helps students prepare for the future in many ways. 

Junior Ian Draeger believes that this school has prepared him for college because it forces him to think. “It is not a surface-level type of thinking like I had been used to in middle school,” said Draeger. “This school forces the student to take the next step and go deeper into the question than what is being asked.”

Another student who feels that this school has helped them is junior Maxx Rathman. “Economics class is a very helpful class especially for me,” said Rathman. “I am thinking about pursuing a career in accounting or statistics and this class has helped show me that. Also, I enjoy math and science. Math because I think that it is very straightforward and logical, and science because I find the world around us fascinating. Economics class has shown me how these two things relate.”

Draeger also found something he enjoys. “I found my passion in music when I was listening to a song in the car one day and the lyrics connected to me on a deeper level than anything that I have ever heard or felt before,” he said. “At that moment, I knew I loved music.

“I have looked into studying music as a minor in college. I also think being in a band on campus would be amazing. I want to do this because music is my way of expressing myself. I have done music, either in guitar or singing, for years. I have loved every moment of it.”

Draeger’s music has grown because of the encouragement from teachers and fellow peers. “I bring my guitar to school and the teachers let me play in class while the students are cheering me on,” he said. “It’s nice to have that support here. 

“Also, music and art survey class has been pretty interesting. There are a lot of things in there that I didn’t know about music that I am starting to learn.”

Draeger is also taking full advantage of the electives at this school. “When my senior year comes around I am going to be taking a very close look at my electives to see which ones will benefit me in further studies,” he said. “One of the few that immediately comes to mind is AP Physics to help in the future with engineering.”

Other things students should be thinking about are their grades and ACT scores. “I am still looking at my options for where I want to go and making sure I make a good plan,” said Draeger. “My main goal has been to keep my grades up and make a good ACT score both of which are coming together nicely.

“I have only taken the ACT once so far in December of 2021, but I do plan on taking it again sometime in the spring or maybe into the summertime,” said Draeger. “I have taken some honors classes which carry over some credits into college as well as some AP courses that do the same. These are helping me to be prepared for the workload and type of pacing I need for college.”

Similar to Draeger, junior Colin Foley believes that electives have allowed him to grow at this school.  “Most of the electives have given me a broader range of language, a better appreciation for music, and have taught me how to be patient,” he said. “It [band] has helped me appreciate how much work and time goes into making a piece of music and practicing it. This school has taught me to persevere in tough times and to never give up when things get hard.”

This school doesn’t just offer academic growth, but spiritual growth as well. “Having confession here and Mass every morning is nice,” said Foley. “Also, all school Masses because it gives us a chance to grow as a community.”

Draeger echoes Foley’s thoughts. “Having a chapel here at school and priests on campus like Fr. Friend has helped me a ton in my faith,” he said. “I go to him whenever I need to. I am really hoping that this is something I can carry on in college.

“Finding your passion is one of the most important things that I think everyone should do,” said Draeger. “There is an argument to be made that this is more important than any subject in school. For me, bowling and music have been my passions. They bring me joy, happiness, and they help me to destress. Finding a passion can help someone find what they want to do in the future.”

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