Better Go With Retro Sno

The smell of sugary syrup, the allure of snow on a hot summer afternoon, and smiling children slurping down the last of their melted snow cones are just some of the positive qualities Retro Sno brings to the Pleasant Ridge Town Center.

Last summer, junior Whit Wilcox opened his recently purchased snow cone stand under the name of Retro Sno. During the summer, it was located by the former Panera Bread in Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center. Wilcox operated it as his own and managed 20 employees over the past summer.

Wilcox got involved with the snow cone business when he purchased the stand from Adam Lorio. “Adam Lorio, a senior who graduated last year, started it, and my dad, who owns a graphic design shop, did the decals on the stand,” said Wilcox. “That is how we got involved with it, and so he came to me around April of last year asking if I wanted to buy it.”

For Wilcox, owning a snow cone stand came with its advantages. He said, “One, It looks really good on college applications. Two, what a summer job is really meant for, cash. It also seemed like a cool thing to get involved with.”

Even though he ran the stand only in the summer, it is still a year-round commitment. “ I have been having to do work on it,” said Wilcox, “but I only ran it June 4 to August 4, and now it is in storage, and I’m still having to deal with insurance and always thinking about it.”

Fellow junior and employee George Bishop described why he wanted to work there. He said, “Whit is just one of my good friends, and I was just looking for a summer job because I needed some money.”

Even though his business has been successful, Wilcox is still undecided if he will run it his senior year. He said, ”I see myself selling it to another Catholic person. not this year but [after] my senior year.”

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