New Toys for Biology

The biology department has purchased new science equipment for labs. Students will be able to use the gear throughout the various biology, anatomy, and physiology classrooms. Covid-19 funding provided the money needed to purchase the equipment. 

For Dr. Jennifer Gilley, the new equipment provides opportunities for more labs. She said, “We, through pandemic funding, have been able to get a whole bunch of new lab equipment that I will organize and unpack over the summer. Next year, we will have more labs in place than years before.”

Though the science department includes physical science, chemistry, and physics, the new equipment mainly benefits certain classes. Dr. Gilley said, “Each department has its labs, and each group of teachers is responsible for their set of labs. The equipment will be primary for biology, anatomy, and physiology. Mr. Jordan Robertson and Father Patrick Friend will teach biology again this year. We will try to put together equipment and some labs over the summer.”

The new appliances are going to benefit current freshman Joseph Moellers. He said, “ I am looking forward to studying a new science next year, and I am excited that we will do labs some days instead of taking notes.”

The new equipment will far advance the previous equipment that was in place and offer students unique opportunities to partake in labs. “The exciting thing we got is the PCR machine,” said Dr. Gilley. “The PCR machine is the preliminary chain reaction machine, and this is the same tech they used to test for Covid. You can take any gene you want and make thousands of copies in a concise amount of time. This equipment is not cheap, so we are lucky to have one. We got new incubators, new water baths, all new pipettes, tube racks, new microscopes, and all sorts of tubes. It is a significant amount of equipment.”

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