A Fresh Perspective

Freshmen sit in the cafeteria and talk to each other on the morning of September 1, 2021.


As the school year drew near, freshmen nervously awaited their new school, having no idea what to expect. Despite coming from many different schools, the freshmen have found unity in brotherhood.

At first, our school can be confusing for freshmen, especially if they went to a non-religious school previously. The many traditions, the notion that education is a holy endeavor, and the emphasis on hard work are aspects of our school that can confuse freshmen. But the one that can sometimes be the most difficult to adjust to is that this school is an all-boys school. 

However, many freshmen expressed relief at being at an all-boys school. “At an all-boys school, we feel way more comfortable here because we’re around all guys,” freshman Andrew Alley said. “I feel like I can really let myself go.”  

On the first day of school when Catholic High was singing the Alma Mater, it was symbolic for some. “Although we were welcomed into it, we have to earn the brotherhood. I’m sure I can speak for all freshmen and say we’re willing to earn the brotherhood and to be a part of this great school,” said Alley.  Freshman Carson Franzetti also echoed this sentiment when he said it was “Intimidating.”  

As always, some freshmen didn’t really know the words to the Alma Mater. “I had no idea what we were saying and we just kinda all had our arms linked together and all just swinging,” said freshman Alex Jansen. Freshman Alex Kassissieh believed it was embarrassing as none of the freshmen knew what the student body was singing.

As freshmen begin to become more adapted to our school, they may begin to wonder if they belong here. For some, this could be a difficult question to answer, one that can require deep self-reflection. Freshman Ben Dillman said, “I definitely do feel like I belong at Catholic High. I feel like everyone accepts you here.” Alley agreed. He said, “I definitely feel like I belong here at Catholic High.” 

A deep sense of tradition, holiness in education, and a good balance of work and fun are all aspects that are unique to our school. Many freshmen like Kassissieh didn’t know what to expect. He said, “Everything shocked me because I was really nervous.” 

One common surprise among new students is the rigor of academics here. Jansen was surprised by how difficult academics here can be. “How you have to study so much, how much they [the teachers] expect from you, and how much they want to help you through your high school years and even into your college years.” The difficulty of academics at our school may be exacerbated due to encouragement to get involved in other activities.

Whether it be in just one club or multiple sports, student involvement is one of the most important elements of the school. Most freshmen are trying to get involved early, “I’m already in cross country,” said Dillman. “I’m probably going to join the track team.” Getting involved in school activities can also be a great way to socialize and make new friends. “I play baseball,” Franzetti said. “All the teammates are amazing.” 

Alley had many cousins and an older brother who attended this school before him.  He said, “The first day that I arrived at school he [his older brother] told me ‘This is a brotherhood and you’re gonna fall in love with this school.’ I definitely already have. It’s only been [a few] days now and it’s still been one of the best experiences of my life.”



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