Small Group, Big Dreams

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Duck Hunting is one of the most popular leisure activities among students. A few seniors decided to take their love of hunting up a notch.

Arkansas Flyway Outdoors was created by seniors Hunter Keeling, Chase Worsham, and Corbin Weaver. Having experience since before they were teens, their love of hunting inspired them to film their hunts, allowing viewers to experience a day in the life of a duck hunter. They have also began promoting the sale of clothing and other gear.

“I’ve always been interested in starting a company like Mack’s Prairie Wings or Fort Thompson. One day, [Hunter] had come up with this Instagram page posting cool hunting pictures and other stuff like that. Hunter, Chase, and I agreed on coming together as one team and creating a new logo and selling hunting apparel, as well as making videos,” said Weaver.

Worsham said, “Hunter, Corbin, and I loved to hunt, and we thought we would share it with other people. We video our hunts and the shenanigans that happen and post them on YouTube.”

“We started by making our first video, then we decided it would be cool to start selling our own brandclothing and other things with our logo. I really enjoy hunting, and I wanted to share all the memories we make each season,” said Keeling.

Fellow duck hunters understand how tiring it can be to wake up before dawn to prepare for the rest of the morning. However, the outcome often outweighs the early morning dreariness.

Senior Al Aquino, who joined the Arkansas Flyway team after its creation, said, “The love for the outdoors is a big part of it. Making videos for the public to watch is a cool way to show how much fun we have while hunting. It’s really just a way for us to more easily show the adventures we have.”

With plans to trademark the brand name and start an online store, those involved are eager to grow Arkansas Flyway Outdoors. Aquino said, “Arkansas Flyway has a lot of room for improvement, considering it just got started, but by improving our content and video quality, the better we get, the bigger Arkansas Flyway becomes.”

Weaver said, “Since we have just started, we plan on taking baby steps until we are ready to make bigger business decisions. Arkansas Flyway Outdoors is a brand we hope will grow as big as any other big hunting company.”

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