Small but Mighty

Photo from CHS/MSM Swim and Dive Instagram

The school’s swim team has been a small but competitive feature of the sports department for many years. Students here may not think about this group as often as other sports teams, but they are just as hardworking. Being a small team that practices off-campus presents its own unique challenges, but the team is evolving and adapting to face these new difficulties as they present themselves. They are moving fast to prepare as the coming season approaches.

The swim team consists of five students (Parson Simmons, Ethan Mullenbach, Cole Carper, Daniel Bui, and Henry Gullic) who participate in a variety of swimming competitions. Junior swimmer Cole Carper said, “We don’t have very many people, but with the people that we do have, I think we have a lot of potential.” 

This is the first year that the school has had designated swim practices. Prior to this year, swimmers practiced with individual clubs and were together only for competitions. “There are clubs all over Arkansas that swim against each other and they aren’t affiliated with schools, and that’s how I swam last year. But this year I can swim with Catholic,” said Carper. “I think that it gives the team more time to create a bond with each other and help encourage each other to do our best.”

The new practice situation has led the swim team to start practicing alongside the Mount Saint Mary Academy team. “It’s a lot more people sharing the same practice area. There are around 12 people on that team, so it’s just busier,” said senior Parson Simmons, captain of the swim team. 

Practicing together has also led to a new camaraderie between the two teams that was not there before. “I’m excited because it’ll be like we’re all one team, even though it’s two separate schools,” said Carper. “Last year we had swim meets with them, but it felt like we were two different teams.”

The swim team is optimistic about the coming competitions. “I am excited to start swimming because I just started swimming for competitions last year, before that I just did diving,” said Simmons. “Over the summer I’ve learned a lot more dives and I think the team’s improved a lot over the summer too. And then seeing Mount at practice, I know they’re going to have a good season this year as well.” 

A team of only five boys competing against much bigger schools seems like a challenge, but it is a challenge the swim team is ready to face. “I’m just going out there to have fun and do my best,” said Carper. “After practicing together, the team has come to be some of my good friends and I’m excited to swim with them this season.”


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