Isaiah Bordador

Fayetteville Fallout

Football and basketball season may be over, but the season of several other sports is just beginning. One of these sports is track and field, which kicked off in Fayetteville, Arkansas, on February 18, 2023. The indoor track meet attracted schools much larger than Catholic High School, but that did not discourage the team. “There…

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Ready for Play

A look at the banners in the gym tells the story: the school’s tennis team has more titles than any other team here. The 2021 Rocket tennis team played well enough to have won the conference championship. This year, the team will work to further the legacy of the sport. The 2021 tennis team only lost one conference game during…

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Down, Set, Hut!

The quarterback yells and the center snaps the ball. The clock continues to run down as he frantically searches for a target. The defense closes in as the quarterback throws the pigskin down the field. How did they get here? Most students here anticipate football season as one of the most exciting parts of the…

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