Down, Set, Hut!

The quarterback yells and the center snaps the ball. The clock continues to run down as he frantically searches for a target. The defense closes in as the quarterback throws the pigskin down the field. How did they get here?

Most students here anticipate football season as one of the most exciting parts of the school year. Taking place during late summer through fall, it is a ruthless sport full of hits, tackles, and [possible] brain damage. “The team looked synchronized on the field,” said Wallace Landrum, who attended the game against NLR. After a tough season last year, the team locked in on preparing for the upcoming season.

Summer, a time of reprieve for many students, was full of tiresome practices in the feverish heat. Players spent their summer at various football camps, including some at Fayetteville, and at the school honing their skills. “The summer practices were fun, but the heat got to some of us,” said Gray Burns. 

The challenging 2021 season has seemed to motivate the team. “The team has a lot more energy than last year. Everyone’s putting a lot more effort in this year,” said Will Aaron. As the first regular game of the season drew near and the Rockets continued in their preparation, fresh faces lead this year’s offense. Hard work over the summer paid off, according to many football players. “The offense got better at tidying up plays and executing them,” said Burns. 

Will Aaron is taking a new role as the varsity kicker this upcoming season. The kicker position is one of the most important positions on the football field, and Aaron did not take his task lightly. “I worked with Coach Hamilton along with going to some kicking camps this summer,” said Aaron. “I am excited about playing this fall.”

The football team is already 100% in the process of preparing. The new season brought new players to starting roles after the seniors graduated. “I think the team is definitely prepared,” said Will Aaron. “People have put in a lot of work over the summer.”

Editors’ football season update: At this writing, the Rockets are 3-0 for the season and 2-0 in their conference. They won a non-conference game over North Little Rock (23-6). The Rockets won their first 6A conference game against Green County Tech (38-16) and then defeated Benton High School on September 16 (38-14)


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