A Tradition Worth Keeping

The school recently held the second Intramural Field Day, where classes compete against each other in a variety of sports to win the Field Day trophy. This event takes place as a way for students to destress and enjoy their last few days on campus before finals. 

This year’s Field Day was very similar to last year’s event, but Father Patrick Friend decided to add a twist this time around. While basketball, kickball, and volleyball were still the main sports, there was an added “mystery event” in which classes prepared teams not knowing what they would be competing in.

Last year’s volleyball matches were a highlight of the day, and this year was no exception. Senior Elijah Rockers led the volleyball team to their win last year as juniors and exceeded expectations this year. He said, “We ended up winning both of our volleyball games by over 10 points, which felt amazing. It was something I’ve been looking forward to all year, and getting to compete against each class instead of homerooms was something I enjoyed thoroughly.”

The majority of Field Day consisted of each class rotating between the three sports, which allowed everyone to see each sport at least once in the day. Students also received a free ice cream sandwich. After every sport had a class winner, the entire student body met at the football field for the mystery event. The mystery event was a mix between brains and brawn, requiring students to compete in a relay race where they were asked math and geography questions in between runs.

There was a lot of pressure on the senior class to win this competition since they won last year as juniors. However, the seniors did more than just win the competition; they dominated it. Not only did the seniors win each event, but they also crushed the competition in the mystery event. Senior Cole Cosse said, “The entire experience felt great. Winning back to back was an amazing feeling, and I think Field Day should be an annual tradition. It adds some spice to a more trying part of the year, and it serves as a great way to relax before finals.”

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