Little Shop of Horrors

When students, teachers, and parents attend a musical produced by Mount St. Mary’s Academy, they most likely expect a lighthearted comedy, maybe featuring a bit of romance. Instead, what they got was a horror show about a mutated plant which feeds on human blood and flesh.

Ms. Jenny Moses, the director of the musical, chose Little Shop of Horrors because of its audience appeal.

“It’s a well-known name because of the movie, and the cast can involve both guys and girls.”

After requesting permission to do Little Shop of Horrors, Ms. Moses held auditions for the musical. “It’s not just the singing ability that I look for,” said Ms. Moses, “I also look at how someone may fit into a certain role.”


Audrey devours Seymour Krelborn, played by Cundall.

Once the director selects the actors, it’s up to them to provide the costumes and props. To find props, they are encouraged to ask around. The dentist drill used in the musical was donated by a dentist who works at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Wendy Darr, a junior at Mount St. Mary’s, held the prominent female role of Crystal.

“It’s definitely important to have a musical background when you’re doing a play like this,” said Darr. “I made All-Region Choir this year and I still felt a little nervous about some of the songs we performed. Thankfully, all of the performances went over great. We never had any major mishaps or anything like that. If I’m comfortable with all the notes, I only focus on how my character would say a certain line or phrase. This helps keep me from worrying too much about how the really hard-to-hit notes will come out. When actually singing the solo, sometimes I get so caught up in the music itself that I forget the words. If that happens, I just wait for the next line, and I don’t beat myself up too much.”

Sophomore Chase Cundall, who played the lead role, signed up to be in the musical because he loves anything about theater. “When I was little, my parents brought me to see Wicked on Broadway,” said Cundall. “Since then, I just loved theater.”

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