Semester Exam Preparation

Semester exams loom over every student at school during the later months of the second quarter. They are the last chance students have to make or break their grades, and every student takes them whether he is prepared or not. All students take exams, and–as one would expect–students begin to better understand how to handle exams with each year.

Freshmen worry most when it comes to exams and they have valid reasons for doing so. They have never taken a test over eighteen weeks worth of material, or if they have taken a semester exam, they have never taken an exam that can actually mold one’s future.

“I do not know what to expect,” said freshman Luke Ray. ” Everyone always tells me to take exams seriously, which I do, but I don’t even know where to begin. I did take exams during junior high, but those didn’t feel like real exams and we went over everything again about a week in advance.”

This anxious feeling is shared by most students during their first year of high school. Older students have survived exams and have tips of there own for doing well. Some of these tips are about previous successes and some come from regrets.

Sophomore Logan Rogers said, “I flashcard everything in my notes for every subject that I think will be on an exam. I do this about one week before exams.”

However, Rogers does feel remorse about not studying sooner. He said, “Last year, I waited until the last minute, and this year, I believe that studying for four days before exams will really make a difference.”

One should also consider that the same study methods do not always work for every exam. Sophomore Thomas Howe said, “Some teachers will give out study guides and let you know what is going to be on the exam, and other teachers will expect you to know what to study.”

Brandon Dyer is one of the most studious sophomores in the school. He said, “Don’t slack off. If you have gotten this far into the year and if you made good grades all semester, then stick with it and bring home a report card you will be proud about.

“If you did not make great grades throughout the semester, then don’t worry. Semester exams can raise your average by a lot,” Dyer said, “I always strive for my highest potential, and I believe that all others should too. You never know how good you are if you don’t try.”

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