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With the win against El Dorado, the Rockets gained a record of 9-0.  This is a triumphant moment for many members of the team.  Senior Whit Wilcox said, “It’s pretty great being a part of history.  It’s something I never really thought about until it happened.  I think our team is always focused on our next game so we never give it much attention.”

Senior Will Davis said, “I still don’t think it’s real sometimes. It’s crazy how we went from being 2-8 last year to 9-0; it’s truly a revenge story.”

The push this year began this summer and excitement built for the season.  Wilcox said, “I knew it was going to be a good year. We were excited to be able to play some teams we’ve never played before, and during the summer we were pretty confident it was going to be a good season.”  

Multiple reasons appear regarding the team’s success this year.  Davis said, “I personally notice that we are in better shape, are more disciplined, and have more drive than our opponents do.”

Wilcox said, “I think what really is setting us apart from all the other years is the depth we have.  We have had multiple injuries and our team is able to bounce back without skipping a beat.”

The record affects players of the team in different ways.  Davis said, “It makes me more confident.  This year we have proof that we deserve to be with the big dogs and we fight to win!”

Wilcox said, “I think the record going into a game makes our team just a little bit nervous.  We are so worried about keeping a zero in the loss column that we distract ourselves from adding to the win column.  I think our coaches do a good job helping us refocus pregame and get some of those nerves out.”

The Rockets will play their final regular season game this Friday [11/4/22] against Marion.  The team has worked all year for this moment.  Davis said, “Marion’s game style seems a lot like El Dorado’s, except they do it better. All we need to do is bring the same energy from El Dorado’s game to this game and be ready to give them a beating.”

Wilcox said, “Our game plan is to just do our job. We go into every game with the same mentality and the rest will fall into place.”

Davis said, “As a team we have done great this year, I am so proud that we are able to live this dream together and make history.  I am so glad to have spent so many days working with such a great group of guys.  Shout-out to the TRENCHES.”

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