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There are a myriad of things people are passionate about, with the most frequent being sports or school. Junior Chris Felicitas has a passion for something a little more abnormal: dancing.

Felicitas said, “I started dancing in first grade at Saint Edward when my class were having a dance party and everyone was impressed with the way I danced. From then on, everyone kept asking me to dance for them, even though I didn’t feel like I was very good at it.”

His enthusiasm for this unorthodox sport started in the comfort of his own home. “It all really started with my older brother, RJ, when he began dancing. We never had a dance coach, so we would just watch videos from YouTube and practice that way. It was a chain reaction of dancing within my family and pretty soon my brother and two cousins all began practicing our own style. We then started a dance group,called Paradigm, and perform at Filipino events and birthday parties. We also have a YouTube channel with our biggest hit having 60,000 views.”

Chris’s unique ability has not gone unnoticed by his peers. Junior Andrew Straessle said, “I think it’s very impressive that he is such a talented dancer without any form of coaching. It’s truly amazing how people can teach themselves to do something and be really good at it. I believe his greatest quality is his devotion to dancing. He will go home and practice for hours trying to get one move right and won’t stop until he does.”

Dancing is a very convenient ability to possess because one might never know when it needs to be utilized. If one ever finds oneself approaching a dance circle, just look in and Felicitas will inevitably be found inside. “I’ve always been shy to dance in public, but always seem to get stuck in the middle of dance circles. I danced in the talent show my freshmen year and was nervous the entire time that I would mess up,” said Felicitas.

Junior John Chase, a frequent viewer of Chris’s skills, said, “He is quick, strong, smooth, and the rightsize for a good dancer. He is just full of energy and seems to be really enjoying what he does and makes it look easy even though it is actually very difficult.”

Many people think dance is just a hobby and only used for purely recreational purposes. For Chris Felicitas, dance means much more. “It is another language to me. I can communicate how I feel without using words. I remember when I was upset and would just dance my shoulders away and just let everything out. It has saved me from really tough times.”

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