Fish Out of Water

There are many clubs from which to choose here. Some people like chemistry while others may like journalism. There are a handful of students who are now getting the chance to join a club on Marine Biology and discuss topics such as underwater welding.

Junior Jonathan Ramsey founded the Marine Biology Club and Dr. Jennifer Gilley sponsors it. Ramsey decided to start the club because he has always really liked marine biology and has been scuba diving since age 12. He said, “I set up a small field trip for a few students at a dive shop over by Christ Lutheran just to get an intro to scuba diving.”

Dr. Gilley said, “Ramsey came to me at the end of last year about sponsoring a marine biology club. This is the first club I have sponsored, so I’m still trying to get used to it.”

Sophomore Jake McGill decided to join Marine Biology this year. He said, “I enjoy marine biology and have been a scuba diver since 13, so I thought now would be a good time to learn more. I enjoy marine biology because I want to learn more about marine life and the ocean.”

So far they have studied fish, turtles, dolphins, and sharks. Right now they are just introducing the concept of marine biology itself. The club also covers topics that don’t relate to ocean life itself.

Dr. Gilley said, “We want to cover as much as possible. This ranges from topics such as pollution to over fishing. We also may eventually do a shark dissection.” People can come in and do a presentation on topics that they find interesting relating to marine biology. One such example would be the presentation by junior PJ Jensen about underwater welding.

This club isn’t as simple as it appears. It uses marine biology as a starting point to dive into much deeper topics. A word of advice from Jake McGill is, “Don’t join marine biology unless you are dedicated to it.”

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