Area 51 Raid Takes CHS by Storm

Featured Image: Senior Nathan Johnson and Nick Enderlin usher in the new school year with an Area 51 inspired skit

What started as a joke quickly picked up steam. A group on Facebook, known as “Storm Area 51,”  started an event that quickly went viral.

Since its creation, The Area 51 Raid has only gained popularity. The group started in the summer of 2019, and as of July 12, 471,000 people already signed up. Now the number is up to 900,000. The description of the event says, “We will meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate or entry. If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see them aliens.”  The Raid quickly became popular with teens on Instagram and other social media platforms around the country, and our school is no exception.



Above: Popular Japanese Manga series Naruto inspired the phrase of “Naruto Running”, which is when a person runs while leaning forward with their arms stretched out behind them.


Senior Jakob Shelby shows much interest in the raid. Shelby was initially taken in by all the excitement and signed up to go to the raid on Facebook, but since then he has changed his opinion on the matter. Shelby believes that there are no aliens, but instead Area 51 contains top secret weapons projects such as planes, helicopters, and weapons.                                                                          

Shelby said, “Some people will show up but not as many as it says actually will This all started as a joke and has turned into something ludicrous. These people don’t understand the consequences of breaking into this highly classified base, especially after they have received warnings from the government.”

Area 51 guards


Above: Soldiers at Area 51 being briefed on the raid.


He thinks the people who show up will be arrested. Shelby, does not think it is worth the time.

He said, “I don’t feel like walking into the middle of the desert just to get turned around.”

Mr. Dylan Owen, one of the younger members of the school’s staff, is well informed on the event. Mr. Owen does not think that the raid will happen. He says if it does happen, the raiders will find secret treasures along with many guards.

Mr. Owen said,  “There might be a slight chance of aliens.”

However, in Mr. Owen’s opinion, the people who show up will never get to see what they came for. He believes they will be captured and used for secret government experiments. Mr. Owen said,“ The closest I’ll ever be to Area 51 is playing NukeTown on Call of Duty: Black Ops”

BO Zombies Area 51


Popular culture: Area 51 has inspired plots to many books, movies, and video games. Above is Area 51 pictured in the “Zombies” mode of  Call of Duty: BlackOps.


Student body president Jack McGahee has been very intrigued by Area 51 for a while now, seven years in fact. He said, “I first learned about Area 51 from watching ‘Planet 51’ when I was ten years old.”

McGahee firmly believes the raid will happen on September twentieth.

He said “Hundreds of thousands of Americans are going to turn out for the event, and people have started prepping their RV’s and campers with the essentials for the raid.”

McGahee said when the raid starts, many people will  be met with resistance.

He said, “ I think that the raiders will be pepper sprayed in the face. I  also think they[guards] will break out that big machine from the Hulk movie that pushes them back with all the supersonic waves.”

He believes Area 51 is hiding  nuclear weapons, alien spaceships, and dissected aliens body parts used for research. He said “Photon lasers, don’t really know what a photon laser is, but they’re there.”

Ray gun


Above: the Ray Gun from the Call of Duty franchise.


As soon as the event started getting organized last summer, McGahee was all over it. He said that he as well as Riley Russell, Barry Finley, and Carter Cochran have all been considered going.

McGahee and other skit cheerleaders could not wait long to share their enthusiasm with the rest of the school. In the first school assembly, the Skit Cheerleaders initiated the freshmen to a skit about the Area 51 raid.

He said, “ We decided to put in the assembly because what better to do than something at this nation wide spectacle and this outrageous, in front of a Catholic school full of 800 boys.”

Area 51 FB Post
Above: original Facebook post
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