Andrew Cline Soars High with Boy Scouts of America

clinewBoy Scouts is more than just learning how to camp and use a compass. Junior Andrew Cline has been part of the scouting program almost all his life, starting as a Cub Scout. Now, he’s only one short conference away from earning the prestigious award of Eagle Scout. Cline said, “For the first four years or so, I spent most of my time earning merit badges and advancing in rank.” Cline learned more than knot tying and first aid though. “The two most important skills I learned,” said Cline, “are leadership and responsibility.

“Being an Eagle Scout is one of the best things a boy can do to benefit himself in the future,” said Cline. “It’s a great thing to put on a college application or resumé since Eagle Scouts are known for being responsible and trustworthy.” Keeping these reasons in mind, he continued to work towards Eagle Scout. “I’ll admit that being able to buff my applications is the main reason I stuck with the program, even though it was consuming a lot of my time.”

Being an Eagle Scout can benefit any boy in his search for a college. Cline had to display selflessness and maturity before he could become an Eagle Scout. Cline said, “Scouts has greatly improved my leadership ability, and I have become much more responsible because of it.”

Cline’s favorite part about his experience in scouting is learning to accomplish his goals. “Throughout my time as a Boy Scout,” he said, “I have constantly been driven to reach Eagle. I think it’s made me a more ambitious and overall better person.” Cline holds a position of responsibility within his scouting troop, one of the requirements of becoming an Eagle scout. “At first, it was hard to give out punishments and lead the meetings, but the longer I stayed a leader, the easier it got. I think that, in the future, it’ll really help me to be able to make the tough decisions,” he said.

Junior Mark Moellers, the senior patrol leader of Cline’s troop, said, “I knew he would work hard when I picked him to be my second in command. The dude is like a genius and he sticks with a problem. When I look back on my term as senior patrol leader, I know that Cline was the right choice.”

Cline had to organize and carry out a special project before he could become an eagle scout. This project had to benefit the community in some way and require some form of organization and leadership. He decided to repair the exterior of the Roland Crisis Center Closet near Pinnacle Mountain. “I had to plan my project for weeks,” said Cline. He organized materials, planned his budget, found donations, and gathered volunteers.“On the day of the project,” said Cline, “I had enough volunteers and it went smoothly.”

Cline and his team not only cleaned and repaired the exterior of a building, but also learned crucial skills important in the life of any boy. “Before the project, the building looked really old and nasty, but after we were done with it, it looked brand new,” said sophomore Will Stuff, who helped Cline replace the skirting of the building. “I think that since the building looks cleaner, it will encourage more people to go there and donate,” said Stuff.

Cline said, “Seeing smiles on the faces of who we were helping made all the work and planning worth it.”

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