New Year, New Officers

The student body has chosen representatives for 2018-2019. During an assembly at the beginning of the day on September 4, six hopeful seniors and their campaign managers spoke to the school. The candidates included Cy Bond, Nicolas Gonzales, Drew Jones, Tyler Mackenzie, Henry Nolan, and John Matthew Rogers.

The final candidate to speak, John Matthews Rogers, won the crowd with his manager Walt Reber’s speech. “J-Matt is the most qualified 43-year-old here,” Reber said, “and after extensive research, I’ve come to find J-Matt is related to the American black bear. As we all know, they are the best leaders.”

In student body elections, different classes have different voting power. While the seniors’ votes each count as three, the sophomore’s votes count as only one each. The junior’s votes count for two, and the freshmen’s votes don’t count in the election. Mr. Steve Straessle said to the freshmen, “You just haven’t had enough time here to soak up the brotherhood.”

In the end, John Matthew Rogers won as the student body president. Tyler Mackenzie came in second, and will be vice president. Lastly, students elected Henry Nolan treasurer/secretary.

After hearing of his victory, Rogers said, “I was super happy, and a little surprised… I came in confident because I had a lot of people tell me, ‘we’re voting for you,’ but I was still prepared to lose. I knew Tyler was in ROTC and Nic was in football. I was confident, but not cocky.”

Student Body President, John Matthew Rogers

Vice President Tyler Mackenzie

Treasurer/Secretary Henry Nolan


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