The Path to Eagle Scout

The sound of crickets chirping, a three day hike through the woods, and a campfire get together are just a few events Boy Scouts experience on their way to being Eagle Scouts.

The end goal of a Boy Scouts journey is the rank of Eagle Scout. Boy Scouts often try to reach this prestigious rank but never finish their goal. Junior Richard Lewis is close to reaching this prestigious rank.

Lewis said, “I have been in Boy Scouts five years almost six years. I was also in Cub Scouts from first grade through sixth grade. I joined because my mom thought it would be a good after school activity. I also enjoy campouts and hanging around a bunch of my friends. I am currently part of troop 427 at The Immaculate Heart of Mary in North Little Rock.”

Eagle Scout is achieved by earning a certain amount of merit badges, and completing an Eagle Scout project.

Lewis said, “The rank of Eagle Scout can be reached at any age; there are even a few thirteen-year-olds that have reached the rank. The reason there aren’t many is because it shows your level of maturity and presence in your community, and that is hard to show at a young age.”

He said, “I am actually pretty close. I have completed most of the merits I need; I just need to find a project.”

The Eagle Scouts have to perform a project which is the last step to becoming an Eagle Scout. The Scouts often ask schools or communities what they can do to help. Lewis said, “I have been looking for a while around schools trying to find a project I can enjoy doing for the community. The only requirements are that the project needs to serve people and be somehow involved in nature.”


Volunteers help restore the patio at St. Edward.

Junior Brian Williams said, “I have actually found my Eagle Scout project. I’m working on a building for St. Edwards downtown. I’m working on restoring an outside patio and walkway.”

The rank of Eagle Scout comes with multiple benefits.

Junior Jeremy Baste said, “I haven’t reached the rank of Eagle Scout, but it does open up the opportunity to receive scholarship money exclusive to Eagle Scouts.”

Lewis said, “I know several friends who are now Eagle Scouts. The thing I think they are most happy about is not the money but actually the completion. The guys who actually reach the rank of Eagle Scout have been in it for years, and nothing is better than actually reaching the ultimate goal.”

Lewis said, “I have been a Boy Scout for six years, and I was a Cub Scout before that. I can’t wait to finally finish all this hard work and reach the rank of Eagle Scout.”

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